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Welcome to our new and unique webshop — The Emporium! Find exclusive offers to boost your progress and gain an edge over your opponents. 

We want you to have diverse opportunities to support the game and do it on your own terms, with a wider choice of payment methods, and of course, reduced prices.





IMPORTANT: Keep in mind that all permanent skins and mounts are cosmetic. If you already have the permanent item in your inventory when claiming your purchase from the Gift Storage, the game will automatically convert the duplicate to its approximate value in resources.


How to make a purchase?

  1. Find an offer you like
  2. Tap Buy now
  3. Enter your User ID
  4. Tap Continue
  5. Choose a payment method
  6. Enter the necessary information based on the method you chose and finalize the purchase

Important! Please make sure you enter the correct User ID before finalizing your purchase. If you enter an inaccurate ID, the offer contents will be delivered to it and we won’t be able to revert the purchase.

How do the items reach my account?


Once a purchase goes through, all the items and resources get delivered in your Gift Storage.

What happens if I buy a permanent city skin or mount that I already have?


Once purchased, the skin or mount will automatically be converted to its approximate value in resources, which will then be directly credited to your resource balance after you claim the purchase from the gift storage.

NOTE: Please keep in mind that all permanent city skins are purely cosmetic.

Where can I find my Player ID?


To locate your player ID, please follow these steps:

  1. While in-game, tap on the double arrow icon in the lower right corner of your screen.
  2. Next, tap on Options.
  3. You will see your ID in the Personalize section below your nickname.
  4. You can tap on the actual ID to copy it.